Wooden Puzzles

My traditional wooden puzzles are all cut entirely by hand in the style that was popular in the early 1900s. They come packaged in a slide-top wooden box (also handmade by me) that will store your puzzle safely. With proper care and storage, these puzzles will last a lifetime.

The images I use are typically pre-1930. New images can look good as well, but I especially favor the look of an old image on wood. There is something special about how the old images look when cut as puzzles.

My puzzles also include figure pieces (sometimes called figurals or whimsies) that match the theme of the puzzle. For example, this St. Patrick’s Day puzzle I cut (called “Shamrock Smooches”) featured figures relating to the holiday, as well as a boy and girl figure, similar to the image on the puzzle.

(Notice how careful figure placement let the girl be pink and the boy be green. Also, in the puzzle, they are interacting with one another.)

Each puzzle also includes (as one of the figure pieces) my signature porcupine piece. This piece will be signed and dated by me. The box will also contain an info card about the puzzle (title, dimensions, original source of image, number of pieces) as well as an “Authentic and Hand Made” certificate of authenticity, also signed by me.

You can see some other examples of my wooden puzzles – as well as figure piece placement – on my Instagram page.