Baseball Card Puzzles

I’m excited to offer these baseball card puzzles to puzzle and baseball fans. For this series, I have chosen some iconic baseball cards to make into puzzles. Each puzzle is the size of a regular baseball card and includes four figure pieces – my signature piece, plus three special pieces of the player depicted on the card.

These puzzles are made in groups of ten. Though the puzzle images are the same for each release, since every puzzle is cut by hand, they are all unique (i.e. the pieces are not interchangeable). Each of the ten puzzles in the release is signed by me and numbered x/10 on the back of the porcupine figure.

Also included is a One Touch magnetic case that will serve to display your baseball card puzzle. One the reverse side, you will notice that the figures are all a different color than the rest of the puzzle, making those silhouettes of the player really stand out.

The wooden slide-top boxes (also hand made by me) for the baseball card puzzles include:

  • Puzzle and figure pieces (disassembled, of course)
  • One Touch case for displaying your puzzle
  • Certificate of Authenticity numbered the same as the number on the back of the signature piece
  • An information card about how Quill Pig Puzzles is giving back to help others
  • A special “MLP” (Major League Porcupine) logo sticker (because stickers are fun!)

These puzzles are released twice monthly, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. They are announced on my social media pages (Intstagram, Twitter) as well as to my email subscribers. (You can join the email list at the bottom of this page.)