About Quill Pig Puzzles

I started cutting puzzles in 2018 when my father-in-law, a master cutter who learned to cut at the saw of the great Pagey Elliott, invited me to try my hand at cutting. It wasn’t long before I had obtained a saw of my own, and I began learning the art of making a puzzle.

As I practiced, I sent my practice puzzles to my inlaws for them to assemble and critique. With time, I started Quill Pig Puzzles and began offering my puzzles for sale.

Those early puzzles are, I admit, a bit rough, but I have been pleased with the way my skills have progressed with practice over time.

Questions & Answers

From time to time, I’m asked questions about puzzle related things, so I’ll share those here for those who are curious.

Where can I see more of your work?
The best place to see the puzzles that I have made is on my Instagram page.

Do you take commissions?
Rarely. My cutting schedule remains pretty full, so I am not usually in a position to deliver a commissioned piece promptly. However, if you have something in mind, have some flexibility in how soon you need it, and can be patient through the process, feel free to send me an email to see what we can arrange.

Are all of your puzzles really cut by hand?
Yes, absolutely, 100% of the time. It’s all done by hand. You won’t find any laser cutting or computer assistance in my shop. I cut by hand in the same style that was popular in the early 1900s.

What equipment do you use?
My saw is a 22″ Hegner scroll saw. I absolutely love it and will never use another brand. The blades I use for cutting puzzles are from Pegas, the skip tooth 2/0 blades. The “super skip” blades work as well, but I prefer the skip tooth.

What’s the significance of the porcupine in your logo?
My porcupine mascot, named Murray, was chosen because I have long been a fan of porcupines. They are peaceful creatures (unless threatened) that embody the “do no harm” philosophy that I personally embrace. I wish more people would behave themselves like porcupines.